BLOG 2019


Winston Dwyer from Honey Legal commissioned me to photograph him for some up to date headshots that can be used for his online profiles...
The portraiture for Winston took place at the Canterbury Innovation centre, using the meeting areas and outside spaces which utilised the modern and diverse backdrops gave a variety of headshots that can be used for social media and printed content.

In terms of lighting I used the portable Profoto B2 lighting set up, on some shots using a lastolite reflector to bounce some light back on to the subject from the light which gave a nice even definition on Winston. As some of these photos will be used for editorial use I mainly went for a landscape orientation where if need be they can be cropped in portrait mode.

Wherever possible I like to use a diverse range of locations rather then just using the traditional white backdrop, if you are looking to refresh you or your staffs portraiture please contact me.