BLOG 2023


As well as the ever popular Alpine 110 on display the company had pulled out all the stops with the Alpenglow, this prototype had only been on show in Paris and its fair to say everyone at the show stopped in there tracks to stop and photograph this stunning sports car.

Alpenglow was designed with both the open road and racetrack in mind. It is a concept car that embodies the design hallmarks of the brand’s upcoming motorsports and production models, as well as its long-term commitment to sustainability. It certainly worked in the environment of the Grand Designs arena as sustainability was at the forefront of the exhibitors and the talks on stage.

If you follow Grand Designs on TV then you'll know its host designer Kevin McCLoud is the face of the show and was on stage interviewing people that had taken part on the TV show, he also had a look around the Alpine stand as he is a member at Goodwood and was an admirer of the cars designs and ethos.

The show ends on Sunday 7th May and has plenty on show in terms of housing, accessorising, self builds and sports car purchase.