BLOG 2019


It has been a few months now since i have been covering car photography work for Fast Ford magazine, although the photos were taken in April/May time the publications work few months in advance, now some of the articles are appearing in the June/July issues...
Back in May I covered a driving day, arranged by American tuning company Steeda who linked up with the Simply Mustangs UK team for a variety of high speed and technical challenges, the photography documented the day as well as showcasing four Mustang owners and their cars. I also wrote the article as well, amazingly it was pretty much published word for word!

In the current issue of Fast Ford the Shelby Super Snake is showcased, the car was photographed at Brooklands Museum and the criteria was to capture all of the features that make this £115,000 850 bhp monster so different from a standard GT, as ever lighting was the key to highlight the exterior, interior and detailed shots of the car which had been produced by Bill Shepherd Mustang, based in Surrey.