BLOG 2019


Days don't get much better than being asked to photograph four classic Ferrari's, a drive up to Essex early Tuesday morning along with some glorious sunshine made for a great days automotive photography for Atelier Petworth...
Think of any iconic Ferrari from over the last thirty years and the Testarossa would be in the top three, an iconic super car that was in competition at the time with Lamborghini's outrageous Countach. The car was made even more famous by appearing in 80's cop drama Miami Vice, although its fair to say the white one in the TV series wasn't that popular. The other pairing to photograph were the 308's, one a GTSi model, in metallic grey looked superb, always nice to see the classic Italian cars in different hues rather than the common red.

The last of the four to be photographed was a beautiful 250 GT, in black as well with beige leather looked great. All of the cars are being sold by the owner through Mark Spence of Atelier Petworth and will be advertised soon, the imagery had to be clean and show different aspects of the vehicles. As usual the default lighting set up of the Profoto location flash equipment done its magic, showing the colours off perfectly.