BLOG 2018


Corporate portraits for coach and consultant Audra Lamoon this afternoon, using the Innovation Centre in Canterbury for some lifestyle and studio portraits for the clients website and social media platforms...
Audra Lamoon is Managing Director of Livewire Performance Consultants Ltd, a specialist coach, consultant and corporate trainer in the areas of retail, property, hotels, media and construction to name a few. Audra also aids her clients to win work through presentation and media skills as well as consultancy in various PFI or collaborative partnerships.

Audra is a coach and mentor to clients including Board Level Trusts and charities among others, working at senior management levels, achieving substantial revenue improvement across a mix of industries to include: facilities management, retail, construction, and engineering, manufacturing, media and more.

These portraits were to reflect Audra's personality, with a change of outfits as well we were able to cover a nice mixture of looks to each headshot. The use of different colours in clothing and backdrops can make a massive difference as well, the red dress against the res backdrop worked really well, using the Profoto B2 with a snoot gave a natural vignette around the frame of the image and lighting concentrated on Audra.