BLOG 2019


The most iconic car in the world has to be the Mini, diction strayed in 1959 and today’s photography shoot was on a 30th edition version. Only 3000 were produced and 2000 were in cherry red, which was the colour of owners Pete’s classic car...
Watt’s gallery based just outside of Guildford provided the backdrop for the editorial photo shoot for Mini magazine, the artists' Village, a unique Arts & Crafts gem nestled in the Surrey Hills includes stunning Victorian paintings and sculptures and its countryside setting provided a typical English scene for the car in cherry red to really stand out against.

One unique feature about the Mini 30 is that it had been worked on by John Cooper himself, an iconic name in the world of the marque and car industry itself. As ever with the magazine photography I had to cover a variety of images of the cars exterior, interior and also some detailed shots showing the badges and other aspects that make the 30th edition Mini different to a standard model.

A massive thank you to Watts’s gallery and the staff for their hospitality on the day, the venue is a hidden gem and well worth a visit with their upcoming dedicated to the Irish-born painter Sir William Orpen KBE RA, who is best known for his rapid and expressive painting style. On display ?until 23 February?. Find out more