BLOG 2019


Coming to the end of the car event calendar now, so one last session out on track with a group of Mustang owners and friends seemed to be a good way to sign off for the year at the home of the British Grand Prix, the legendary Silverstone...
After the success of Stangfest 2.0 that took place at the historic circuit of Goodwood where forty Mustangs had the track to themselves for the day, Ben Snape mentioned to organiser Reuben Grech of an open pit lane at the National circuit at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix. A brief message in the Mustangs Unleashed facebook page saw a deluge of owners saying yes to the day and overtaking the event with nineteen cars, it started off as aa wet and windy event which in’t the best set up for powerful V8 rear wheel drive muscle cars!

The Mustangs Unleashed group is a great set of friends and we stayed at the Silverstone Golf club cottages the night before, mainly talking cars and mods that have been done to owners cars and compiling a wish list fo what to do next. Their were also a couple of people who hadn’t attended a track day before which made the whole community of the group great to be a part of.

It's probably fair to say that the majority of the Mustangs weren’t stock vehicles, loads of upgrades on engines, some supercharged, suspension set ups and in Ben Snape’s case a fully stripped out race car.  I gave the Pirelli P Zeros one last outing before I get a set of 20’ rim lightweight Velgen wheels fitted at Perfect Touch Performance next week, i’ve never had too may issues with the stock tyres, although now the MY18 Stang does have the Michelin Pilot 4S as standard. OK let me take that back, on a wet circuit they don’t give  great deal of confidence as they constantly want to slide, OK on an empty track, but when you have some pretty specced up 911’s and Ariel atoms swarming around you its very  much a case of treading delicately!

As the circuit dried out the car felt more confident and hit in excess of 125mph on the straight, my mates BMW M4 crept over 130, not a great difference between the two on track times just that the M4 has a great set up from the outset in terms of its suspension and a ballistic power train. The Steeda set up with the IRS kit, engine and under classic K bracing does make the car handle really well and the linear springs give the car a much lower and direct centre of gravity. I did notice some brake fade, heavy old cars these Mustangs so a new Steeda brake set up will coincide with the Velgen wheels being fitted, then followed up with a one off track day at Rockingham!