BLOG 2019


Mini magazine recently commissioned me to photograph a classic Mini, this one was a little bit different as it had been restored to a unique spec by owner Rhys...
Locations are always the key for car photography shoots, sometimes a default industrial estate, urban location or an old barn works well, but when Rhys got in touch with Mini magazine we had to come up with something local to him and a bit unique.

I contacted the owners of Shoreham airport, close to Rhys and a sentimental spot for me as I used to go here as a youngster watching the planes come in with my folks, first time i'd been back here since 1979! Using the art deco front of the building gave a real contrast against the pearl purple Mini, and the use of the hangars with the planes in the background worked so well with the car when it was in Transformers mode with its flip up bonnet, the Honda VTEC engine conversion is also unique, an amazing site to behold, plus Rhys had done all of the work himself. I had to use the trio of Profoto lights to show off the car, by his own admission Rhys said the paintwork wasn't perfect so lighting it was a challenge.

The full set of photos and article will appear in a future issue of Mini magazine, i'll keep you posted as it will be a great story to read alongside the photos of the car.