BLOG 2019


Last month I covered the Santa Pod trackday for the Mustang Owners Club of GB, one of the attendees was Kiwi Shaun Parker who had a glorious 1965 Mustang Fastback, what followed led to a feature shoot for Street Machine Australia magazine...
Shuan's story is an interesting one, as you find with most classic car owners. The feature will appear in Street Machine Australia very soon, but like most of us Shaun had seen a '65 Mustang GT when he was a youngster and fell in love with the car. Now part of the Red Bull Formula 1 team he sourced his dream car five years ago, with then help of some team mates the car was in very good hands, its very first appearance after the re-build was at the Santa Pod day. We decided to do a feature shoot of the car during the lunchtime break, a glorious Summer's day and with some additional Profit lighting the shoot could have taken place in the US or Australia with the light that we had reflecting off of the drag strip.

With any car photography editorial shoot we captured various interior, exterior and detailed shots of the car, when the quality of the vehicle inside and outside is immaculate it makes life a lot easier, plus the light was superb, high up and the strip acting as a huge reflector which really made the alloys and chrome pop out of the images. Looking forward to seeing the final piece in the Australian Street Machine magazine very soon.