BLOG 2019


Medway building Chatham Maritime is where the University of Kent School of Sport and Exercise Sciences are based, the photography today was to cover a variety of social and classroom based scenarios that can be used on the Universities website...
The School of Sport and Exercise Sciences is based at the Medway Building Chatham Maritime. It offers a range of qualifications in sport and therapy at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Through their current degree programmes they aim to enable students to acquire the necessary academic and professional knowledge and skills to build the foundations for a successful career in the sports and exercise industry. This is further strengthened by accreditation from professional bodies such as the Society of Sports and the Register of Exercise Professionals, close links with the industry and research and consultancy activities.

The photography at the School of Sport and Science captured a mix of students undertaking activities alongside the more social aspect with students relaxing in the cafe and Deep End bar and restaurant.