BLOG 2019


End of the week and a drive down to the beautiful village of Petworth to photograph a Ferrari California T for Atelier Petwroth, a super car sales outlet. This will be the first of many photos for the company over the course of the year...
Ferrari introduced the California to a wider audience, a GT car that can accommodate 4 people with the option to fold the roof back when the sun is shining. The T denotes turbo, and this example has a twin turbo charged 3.9 litre V8 producing 553 bhp, so although a softer option this car still produces true super car looks and performance.

The photography is to go on Atelier Petworth's site and promote this specialist used car, covering all the basic angles is a priority as it shows the Ferrari from all angles and the condition that it is in. Lighting is always key for me, using the Profit A1 and B1 allows me to push light in to the shaded areas and really sets the metallic paint off in the final photos.

Once the exterior is covered its down to the interior and the small detailed shots, these highlight the carbon interior which was an extra, plus all fo the smaller details, including the hand stitched red horse in the headrests.