BLOG 2018


London is the home of the Financial district and i'm often in the capital covering conferences, events and today corporate portraiture for Dinosaur Investment Bank...
Dinosaur is a full-service, independent, international investment bank. The company have offices in London, Madrid, Miami, Milan, and New York. They focus there activity on Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. The portraits in London today were for the companies website and also for additional press releases so that the PR company, Moonlight Media had a bank of staff photos for various editorial publications.

Travelling up to London requires a modest kit bag, this is where the Profoto B2 comes in handy, compactly packed in a small camera bag and with the addition of the A1 hand held light the combination make up a powerful mobile studio set up. Using the B2 as the main light, the second compact A1 was then hand held by a colleague and used as a backlight in various scenarios.