BLOG 2018


The first Land Rover went on display to the public 70 years ago today at the 1948 Amsterdam motor show, the story of how the utilitarian vehicle was created as a stop-gap vehicle after the Second World War features many of the company’s landmark products and, of course, the people who make and drive them...
Land Rover have featured heavily in my car photography shoots over the years, covering work for Barretts of Canterbury who have two dealerships means I have covered launch events and had the opportunity to drive and photogprah all of their models, including the Supercharged 5 litre V8 SVR model. The car that has great affection by everyone though is the original Defender, this vehicle has history from World War 2, all of the emergency services used them, rallies across the World, and over the years has been a status symbol for youngsters, and of course a staple for farmers over the decades.

I've included a mix of the cars I have photographed for Barretts Land Rover in Kent, one of my favourite shoots was at Canterbury prison with the SVR, driving around the perimeter wall it sounded unbelievable as the roar of the supercharger bounced off of the building, this now belongs to Canterbury Christ Church University.