BLOG 2018


Kent University's Bioscience department has a reputation for being one of the top locations in the UK for its research and Industrial applications from its extensive programmes and ongoing development in this field...
Research in the School of Biosciences is focused primarily on essential biological processes at the molecular and cellular level, encompassing the disciplines of biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology and biomedical research. The School’s research has three main themes (Protein Science, Molecular Microbiology and Biomolecular Medicine) each led by a senior Professor and underpinned by excellent research facilities. The School has a strong commitment to translational research, impact and industrial application with a substantial portfolio of enterprise activity and expertise.

The photography coverage today was to showcase the facilities and students and Professors at work, the images will be used for the recently updated website that the University of Kent are putting in to place over the next few months with fresh new imagery.