BLOG 2018


Pohschedesigned a two seater targa topped roadster from 1969 to 1976, the car was marketed with Volkswagen and to this day still looks great, especially in the setting of the University of Kent and Greenwich campus in Medway...
This 1972 Porsche 914 is a classic car that is an affordable entry in to the German sports car marque, Dave's owned this car for six years now and it gets used reguarly. As the owner lived in Medway it made sense to find a location nearby to him, as i'm linked in with the University of Kent the location of the Drill Hall car park on a quiet Saturday morning made the perfect location. The large arched brick bridge made for some nice atmospheric images of the 914, using the 500 watt Profoto B1 as the main light source and the small compact A1 as a fill in light I was able to overshadow the ambient light and create images that looked like early evening.

I used the 70-200mm lens as I wanted to make the car look like a matchbox model in some of the images as it is so small, plus the bright green paintwork really stands out against the architecture of the location. I ended the session with some detailed images of the tartan cloth, dashboard and the distinctive pop up lights.